Why I’m Excited To Go To College

I’ve always been in love with learning. I was born somewhat a nerd. School came easy to me growing up, but by the time I reached high school, I was burnt out and became a lazy procrastinator. I did not fail or anything, I graduated with a 3.5 GPA. However, I could have probably left with a 4.0 or above. None of it seemed to matter as much anymore by the time I got there. I still loved learning, still loved curriculum, but the work was something I didn’t appreciate. Turn in this, hand in this. By the time we got to junior year, we were not learning anything. Everyone was just trying to get by. We’ll work a little, but I’ll copy this part of the assignment, if you give me the other part. It wasn’t about learning anymore. It was about completion. That was the mentality I began to gain. Sure, I got an 84 on the assignment, but I didn’t really understand what I wrote or even the topic at hand, but I damn sure did get it done, and on time. That was all that mattered. By the time exams rolled around, I was screwed. I did a little bit of studying, and tried to memorize as much as I could hours before my class, and the method didn’t fail me. I did average. I graduated average, at least for me. That’s when it hit me. Time seems to roll so slow during the process, but once you review and look back, things went by pretty fast and were a lot simpler than they appeared.

I’m headed to the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor a week from today. I do not want to be average again. Maybe this is the excited freshman in me talking. I did do pretty well my freshman year of high school, but I think about it now my best year academically was my senior year. It was the two middle years that I lost all desire to stay a straight A student. My grades are what got me into UMHB in the first place, I’m on a merit-based scholarship there. I’m still going to be drowning in debt, and if my grades and scores were better, I would have more money. But this post is not about my regrets in high school of becoming what I never wanted to become. It’s more about learning. Something I have always loved. So, I am excited to leave. Not for the parties and booze I can drink. Not for the freedom(Well, not true). But because I have redemption and a chance to become the person I truly want to be. I want to make the Dean’s List. I want to make straight A’s. And I will. Besides, I’m paying the money anyway, might as well get the full benefits of it all. I know once the Excited Freshman Feeling (EFF) disappears, it’s going to be hard for me. But for now, I’m going to stay optimistic and light, and once the pessimistic, dark, angry me shows up I’ll let you guys know.

I’ve been watching various YouTube videos to better help me prepare for my first year and to just get advice from other people. The best videos/channels I have come across so far is:

Chloe Cori: Chloe’s videos are probably my favorite for college advice because she has several and the content of the videos are something that I was very interested in. She had advice about academics and the social aspect of college. She also had videos about what to take and not to take with you, which is probably my biggest dilemma at the moment. Props to Chloe. She received a subscriber.

Haley Cairo: Haley’s videos were some of the last I found in my list and list of college advice videos. The videos I watched from her were mostly about organization and study tips, and also writing, something I absolutely adore! The structure of her videos are unique and eye-catching. Like Chloe, she also has fashion/makeup videos, which I enjoy too. I subscribed yesterday.

Kristee Vetter: Off the bat, Kristee’s videos were hilarious and intriguing! She seems to down to earth, candid, and honest about her college experience, which is really helpful when looking for insight. Her Back To School videos are awesome and you should check them out.

Madison Axford: Now, I only watched one of Madison’s videos, but that one stuck out with me because I liked how candid and real it was. Basically, I watched her clean out her backpack, but I wanted to see what was really in a college student’s backpack, especially in the middle of the year. Sure, you can see what’s in someone’s backpack before school starts, but the contents of your bag changes drastically as time goes by, and I wanted to see what I would really need everyday for class. Thumbs up to Maddy.

Thank you guys for reading! Stay tuned for more about my first year of college and more! Follow me on Tumblr, Twitter, & Instagram- @mynameisstarr



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